The 7th Annual Women’s Micro-Enterprise Bazaar November 16-17, 2016


Micro-enterprise bazaar recruitment letter 2016

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 5.16.08 PMThe 7th Annual Women’s

Micro-Enterprise Bazaar

November 16-17, 2016

(Sponsored by the Public Affairs Section at the

American Consulate General in Jerusalem)



Application forms should be submitted only by email to


Gaza applications deadline: September 25, 2016

Jerusalem/West Bank applications deadline: October 4, 2016


Name(s) of Applicant: _________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Telephone number: ___________________________________________________________

Email/Fax Number: ___________________________________________________________

Facebook Address: ____________________________________________________________

Describe the type of products that you will sell at the Bazaar:



Average price range of products (NIS): ___________________________________________

Please send at least two photos of your products (no internet photos, please).

Do you need assistance transporting your merchandise? YES____ NO___

Do you require overnight accommodation in Jerusalem? YES____ NO___

Do you need a permit to come to Jerusalem?   YES____ NO___

What are your top three training needs to grow your business skills?

  1. ______________________________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________________________
  3. ______________________________________________________________


  • Please send a photo copy of your ID and magnetic card (required for permit applications).
  • Note that tables, chairs, and tablecloths will be provided but you are responsible for bringing all other display items.
  • The Consulate General will support permit applications and hotel accommodation for one vendor per booth.
  • By signing below, you agree to attend the mandatory entrepreneurial training on November 15 in Ramallah, and agree to be featured in the American Consulate General’s media and social media advertisements and promotional campaigns.




(Signature of Applicant)