American Consul General Donald Blome Sends Christmas Greetings

Christmas celebrates a story that is as beautiful as it is simple. It reminds us that more than 2,000 years ago, a child born in a stable brought our world a gift of peace and teachings of love. This birth is special not just for Christians, but also for Muslims. In the United States, we observe this day by placing the star of Bethlehem on top of a tree – a reminder of how the whole world was drawn to this place on that holy night.

While Christmas is a time to celebrate, a time to sing chorals and exchange gifts, it’s also something more. It is about compassion, charity, and love for your neighbor. It’s about giving of yourself and forgiving the faults of others. But those ideas are not just part of the Christian faith. They are part of all faiths. And they unite us all as humans.

In the spirit of this season, and on behalf of our family at the American Consulate General in Jerusalem, I want to wish you and your families a merry Christmas. We hope the coming year brings renewed peace for Jerusalem and its people.

To watch the video message, follow this link.