Consulate General Visit Underscores U.S. Concern Regarding Pattern of Evictions in Jerusalem

Yesterday, December 2, Deputy Principal Officer Dorothy Shea of the U.S. Consulate General released the following message on social media regarding the pending eviction of the Palestinian Sub Laban family from their home in the Old City’s Muslim Quarter.

We visited the home of the Sub Laban family to underscore our concern about their potential eviction from Old City’s Muslim Quarter. The Sub Laban family has lived in their apartment since 1954 but now faces imminent eviction and is fighting for their right to appeal, despite their protected tenancy status. We remain concerned by a pattern of evictions of Palestinian families in East Jerusalem. All people deserve fair treatment under the law. (Link is here.)

Today, December 3, American Officials at the U.S. Consulate General met with members of the family to receive a petition asking the international community to condemn the eviction. Please find pictures of both events attached.