The American Consulate General in Jerusalem Holds a Presentation on Improvements to the American Visa Application Process

Jerusalem – The American Consulate General in Jerusalem invited local travel agents for a presentation today on improvements to the American visa application process.  Consulate General officials outlined a number of steps undertaken to ease the application process for visa renewals and streamline the visa scheduling system.  Over 30 travel agents attended the workshop held at the Consular Section facility in Arnona.

“We are working harder than ever to make the visa application process straightforward, clear, and as applicant-focused as possible, without compromising security,” said Consular Chief Aaron Hellman. “This workshop assists high-volume travel agencies understand better our new procedures so they in turn can assist their clients in completing visa applications in less time and with less hassle.”

The workshop introduced our new visa appointment scheduling tool, found at  The agents saw a demonstration of the site and discussed new features of the system, like the long-awaited function allowing users to seamlessly reschedule visa appointments between the Embassy in Tel Aviv and the Consulate General in Jerusalem.

The travel agents learned more detail about the Interview Waiver Program for visa renewals. “The rule change for renewal visas means that many applicants will no longer have to visit the American Consulate General.  Instead, they can send their documents, including passports, by courier service to the Consulate General so long as they meet certain requirements,” said Hellman.

To learn more about the visa interview waiver program requirements, click here:

For more information please contact the Consulate General Press Office at 02-622-6909 or Information Assistant Hassna Dajani at 054-6620257.