Ramadan Greetings by American Consul General in Jerusalem Michael Ratney

On behalf of the American Consulate General in Jerusalem, I want to extend my best wishes to Muslims in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.

I know that in America, millions of Muslims will welcome family and friends to break the fast together and reflect on the wisdom that comes from faith, and the responsibility we have to God, and to one another.  In fact, during this month, Americans of all faiths should be reminded of the tenants of Islam that teach equality, compassion, and mutual respect – values that form the basis of our common humanity.

I depart Jerusalem in a few days to begin a new diplomatic assignment.  It has been a great honor serving as American Consul General in Jerusalem, and I leave with continued belief in the work we are doing to build a better future for all the people of this region.

I know the people of this land have lived through some difficult times.  The great Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish wrote, Peace to a land that was created for peace, and never saw a peaceful day. I know the people of this land have lived through some difficult times.

سلام لأرض خلقت للسلام .. و ما رأت يوماً سلاماً

As I reflect on my three years here, I think of the work we’ve accomplished and the work that remains unfinished.  And yet we will never stop working toward peace, and

never lose hope.

To my Muslim friends, I wish you a Ramadan Kareem.  And to all the friends and colleagues who have made my life here so special, thank you.

To view the video of Consul General Ratney delivering this statement, click here.