Filing a Complaint Regarding Treatment by Israeli Authorities

Citizens who wish to file a complaint about their treatment by Israeli law enforcement officials may do so through the Public Complaints Unit (PCU) in the Israel National Police (INP). The PCU handles all complaints related to INP’s conduct, such as improper behavior by a police officer while on duty, completing an assignment in an inadequate manner, etc.

Each INP district has its own PCU, as well as the PCU at INP’s headquarters. Contacting a specific PCU, regarding incidents within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem, can be done in one of the following ways below.

  1. Through INP Headquarters: The Public Complaints Unit, Government Building, 91 Herzl Street, 7243003 Ramleh, Israel, fax. 02-589-8823, email
  1. Jerusalem District: Public Complaints Officer, Israel National Police, Jerusalem District Headquarters, 30 Jaffa Street, 9414204 Jerusalem, fax. 02-539-1209.
  1. INP’s “Judea & Samaria” District (SHAY in Hebrew, i.e. West Bank): Israel National Police, SHAY Headquarters, PCU Officer, P.O.Box 95, Mevasseret Adumim, Maale Adumim Mall, fax. 02-542-4293.
  1. Border Patrol (“Mishmar Ha-Gvul”): INP, Border Patrol Headquarters, PCU officer, 8 Hachasmonaim St, Lod, Israel, fax. 08-977-0300.

Please note the PCU can only take complaints about law enforcement officials.

Citizens who wish to file a complaint about being denied entry to Israel or issued a limited Israeli visa should direct their correspondence to the Population, Immigration and Border Authority (PIBA). Complaints involving customer service issues from PIBA staff can be addressed to the Ministry of Interior’s Office of Public Inquiries at:

Public Inquiries Office
Population and Immigration Bureau
Israeli Ministry of Interior
6 Messilat Yesharim Street
Tel. 02-629-4701 1pm to 3pm, fax. 02-629-4750