U.S. passport photographs must meet the below specifications. Because of the way the photos are digitized, we are unable to accept any photos that do not meet these specifications.

Passport photographs must be:

  • identical, taken within the last six months, and provide an accurate likeness of the applicant
  • 2″ x 2″ (50mm x 50mm) square with at least 1/2″ space between the top of the head and the top edge of the photograph
  • printed on high quality photographic paper (i.e., not laser-printed on regular paper)
  • cut, to include some of the white border
  • with a solid white or off-white background
  • printed in full color (black and white photos are not accepted), showing the subject clearly in focus with no pixilation

Normal, unexaggerated smiles are acceptable.  In fact, smiling is scientifically proven to improve your health and reduce your stress level.  So go ahead, grin a bit.  🙂

The applicant must face the camera directly. The head must not be turned and must be centered in the frame. The head from chin to top of head should measure between 1″ (25mm) to 1 3/8″ (35mm). Head coverings are acceptable only for religious reasons; however, the applicant’s face including forehead must be completely exposed.

Provided the photographs meet the specified requirements for American passports as listed above, any photographer may take them. The Consulate cannot recommend any specific photographer, or assume any responsibility for their efficiency, integrity, or reliability. Fees and the service provided are a matter solely between you and photographer selected.