U.S. Consul General Donald Blome’s Eid al Adha Greetings

Salam Alaykum,

As pilgrims complete the Hajj and Muslims everywhere gather in their homes to celebrate the Eid al Adha, it is my pleasure to offer you my warmest wishes on behalf of the entire Consulate General Jerusalem family.  Eid Mubarak!

As we look around us at a region in crisis, with horrible images of suffering and the loss of innocent life, I am heartened that Eid al Adha provides a different view.  During Eid, Muslims emphasize their strong tradition of donating to the poor and providing assistance to those suffering from hunger, sickness, and oppression. In my time here in Jerusalem, I’ve seen powerful examples of Palestinians volunteering with refugees, starting NGOs, and investing in the education of the youth.  These good works serve as an example of a communal sense of justice and charity.

Even more, every year millions of Muslims make the Hajj – Muslims of every race, language, country.  This is perhaps the most diverse gathering in the world.  It provides a model of tolerance with people from all over the world standing side by side in peace.

This day is a powerful reminder of how faith can play a role in bringing communities together in spite of great challenges.  I hope that we here in Jerusalem and in the broader region can live up to that vision – both today and in the year to come.  On behalf of the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem, we extend to you our warmest wishes.  Eid Mubarak and Hajj Mabrour.